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    广东11选5任三计划 www.sxva.net What is the most Indian thing ever?



    Mani Duraisamy, An inquisitive Quoran, trying to learn more

    What is the most Indian thing ever?

    I assume that the OP is asking about the thing which is ‘unique’ to India which no other country in the world has.

    I can list a host of things here- food, clothing, culture, social systems, diversity in flora and fauna, languages, scripts etc… India has something unique in all these sections and sometimes makes other countries envious about us.




    But in my opinion , repeat- Its my opinion, the most ‘Indian’ thing ever is Jugaad. Which means a way of finding innovative short-term solutions to fix a problem and get the job done for the moment.

    Few examples of Jugaad are as follows:




    A make-shift motor vehicle pulled by a laborer in Tamil Nadu


    A man using stools as chappals to wade over a flooded street in Mumbai


    译文来源:三泰虎    //www.sxva.net/46493.html       译者:Joyceliu


    A roadside vendor demonstrating an innovative way of using a pressure cooker



    Too poor to buy a car?.No problem, sirs


    All the above images are from the Internet and most probably are too fantastic to be true. But I am sure most of the readers here would have employed a jugaad technique to overcome any tough situations.


    Personal experiences with jugaading:

    I will tell an example myself. During the Tamil Nadu Floods (December 2015) , Chennai had suffered a power failure for about 5 days. We did not have power to charge our phones and laptops. Luckily, in my house we had a diesel generator set which our house association decided to use very conservatively (1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening).

    Now, you probably know that not all the appliances (especially mobile phone charging points) get power during generators. We had devised a way by which we can route the power from the power socket belonging to the fridge (which gets power during the generator set, as its a 5 Amp power socket) and connect it to the mobile phone charging point via an extension chord so that we can charge our mobile phones and laptops. We did this during the 1 hour when power was available during the evening.

    Mobile phones and whatsapp ensured that we stayed connected with the outside world and also in co-coordinating rescue operations during the times of crisis.





    Often, jugaad is given a negative color (like being lazy or most often termed as a ‘hack’) by the urban elites. But its quite a necessity in a largely poor country like India.

    Imagine that you are living a frugal lifestyle. A majority of Indians are cut off from a lot of comforts during times of natural disasters. You need an essential thing which would help you get the job done at that time and at the same time be flexible enough so that it could be dismantled at a short notice. Jugaad mechnisms come to your rescue:




    You can just look at the examples I have posted above to understand why jugaad is an essential part of Indian way of life. All the four examples given above are those where people use it during times of crisis (like natural disasters) or when in extreme poverty. You certainly cant expect a roadside vendor to own a state of the art microwave oven to boil tea or a laborer to be having a motor-powered vehicle to carry his goods.


    Jugaad mechanisms require some basic technical knowledge as well. In all probability, the people resorting to jugaad will also have some basic knowledge of how the system works and how they can safeguard themselves if things get too dangerous.

    For example- you need to have some basic knowledge of the flow of electrical current and which wire to connect to which point so that you can route the power from one socket to another socket. Without that knowledge, had I attempted any jugaad contraptions, I would have probably been electrocuted!!.

    Sure- Jugaad wont work all the time. But thats the whole point of it. Its only meant to be a short-term solution.


    例如,你需要一些基本知识流动的电流和线连接到哪个点,这样您就可以将权力从路由一个套接字到另一个插座。没有这些知识,如果我尝试任何此等的玩意儿,我可能会被触电! !



    Khushboo Sharma, B.com honors from Gargi College, University Of Delhi (2020)

    I smiled and said “thanks” to him once, maybe, he heard “you are welcome”.

    With my 'INVITATION', he started staring with his ugly eyes, every day and night. When staring was not enough, he started following me wherever I go. Weeks passed. Occasionally, he started throwing stones when I was on the terrace with some message on the paper.

    That humiliation to a girl, is THE MOST INDIAN THING EVER.




    That day, he threw a stone that almost hurt my sister. I couldn't take more. I shouted. I told him to stop. His aunt came outside. I asked her to make his nephew stop. She screamed from her balcony telling me to shut up. She questioned my character for being on the terrace at 10 p.m. She didn't bother to even ask him to stop. She, along with her husband, humiliated me even more.

    That question on a girl's integrity and trust on a boy's intention is THE MOST INDIAN THING EVER.



    I stopped going to terrace and minimised going out since then. He confronted me on a deserted road when I was coming back home from college. “ZADA ZUBAAN CHAL RAHI THI USS DIN. AB BOL KAR DIKHA. KYA BIGAAD LEGI TU MERA. MERI JO MARZI AAEGI MAI VO KARUNGA”. He abused me. I was somewhat scared.

    I picked up a brick and hit him well. He ran away on his bike after threatening me.

    That courage that every girl is forced to learn is THE MOST INDIAN THING EVER.




    I came home weeping. I tried telling mum that it is because I failed in the test. She didn't believe. I told her everything with the fear that she will blame me too.

    She hugged me. She loved me. She didn't question me. She was filled with rage.

    I asked her not to tell dad. She did,anyway. He came home and they went right to his house.

    I was called there. His family questioned the length of my clothes, questioned my character, questioned my intentions. That guy joined them too.

    My Mother, slapped him right in the face.

    Dad gave him and his family the much needed lesson too.He does not live here anymore.

    They encouraged me to trust them and never to be scared of anyone ever again.

    That mother's love and Father's support towards their daughter is THE MOST INDIAN THING EVER.









    Oh, and did I mention the odd ways my friends suggested to get rid of that guy?

    That friends' weird love is again THE MOST INDIAN THING EVER :P




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