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    印度民航总局将发布关于波音737 Max的新安全措施,印网友呼吁停飞

    广东11选5任三计划 www.sxva.net  DGCA to issue fresh safety measures for flying Boeing 737 Max soon

    印度民航总局将发布关于波音737 Max的新安全措施


    NEW DELHI: India will issue additional safety measures for operating the Boeing 737 Max, which two of its airlines -- SpiceJet and Jet Airways -- have, latest by Tuesday morning. Ethiopian Airlines, Chinese and Indonesian aviation regulators on Monday ordered grounding of the B737 Max following two crashes of this plane within five months in which 346 people have lost their lives.

    新德里:印度最迟将于周二发布关于运营波音737 Max的额外安全措施。目前有两家印度航空公司运营波音737 Max,百捷航空和捷特航空。中国和印尼航空监管机构周一下令停飞波音737 Max。该飞机在5个月内发生两起坠机事故,造成346人丧生。

    "DGCA is reviewing the matter regarding safety issues post accident of Boeing Ethopian Airline B737-800MAX on Sunday. We shall issue additional safety instructions Monday night or Tuesday morning in this regard for Indian operators," said a senior Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) official.

    周日埃航波音737 MAX 8发生事故后,印度民航总局正在审查相关安全问题。印度民航总局一位高级官员表示:“我们将在周一晚或周二上午向印度航空公司发布额外的安全指示。”

    While the five B737 Max that Jet has are all grounded due to non-payment of lease, SpiceJet is currently operating 13 of these planes. SpiceJet's longest flight, Delhi-Hong Kong, is operated using the Max.

    尽管捷特航空的5架波音737 Max飞机都因未支付租金而停飞,但百捷航空目前正在运营13架波音737 Max。百捷最长的航线“德里-香港”使用的是波音737 Max。

    DGCA chief B S Bhullar had after the Ethiopian crash on Sunday said India has sought information from Boeing on this aircraft and that "further safety measures, if required, shall follow that.”

    在周日埃航客机坠毁后,印度民航总局局长B S Bhullar表示,印度已向波音公司询问有关这款飞机的信息,“如有需要,将采取进一步的安全措施。”

    The doomed Ethiopian and Lion Air B737 Max had four Indian passengers and an Indian pilot, respectively, among those on board.

    在失事的埃航和狮航波音737 Max上,分别有四名印度乘客和一名印度飞行员。

    While SpiceJet has up to 205 B737 Max on order, Jet Airways — which is facing a battle for survival — has 225 of them on order.

    尽管百捷航空订购了多达205架波音737 Max,而正面临生存之战的捷特航空则订购了225架。

    Following the Lion Air crash, the DGCA had issued a slew of directives for the B737 Max to both SpiceJet and Jet (which was then flying the Max). It had asked these two airlines to land their Boeing 737 Max at the nearest suitable airport in case the new plane shows any problem with its onboard maneuvering characteristics augmentation system (MCAS) — a software on the B737 Max to prevent it from stalling.

    狮航坠机事件发生后,印度民航总局向百捷航空和捷特航空(捷达当时正有波音737 Max在飞行)发布了一系列有关波音737 Max的指示,要求这两家航空公司将他们的波音737 Max飞机降落在最近的机场,以防该新飞机的机载机动特性增强系统(MCAS)出现问题。MCAS是波音737 Max上的一款防止飞机失速的软件。

    “In case of any snag or feared snag with the MCAS, pilots will revert to manual trimming (not depend on or use MCAS) and then land at nearest suitable airport. If any repairs are carried out on MCAS of a B737 Max, that aircraft should first do a verification flight (without passengers) and after that begin commercial flights with passengers,” the DGCA instructions had said.

    印度民航总局当时指示:“如果MCAS出现任何问题或担心出现问题,飞行员将恢复手动微调(不依赖或使用MCAS),然后在最近的机场着陆。如果对一架波音B737 Max的MCAS进行修理,应首先进行试飞验证(不载客),然后才能开始载客商业飞行”

    Following inputs from Boeing and US Federal Aviation Administration, DGCA had asked the Indian Airlines to alert their pilots about a potential handling a particular situation (technically known as erroneous high angle of attack (AOA) sensor input).


    “This condition, if not addressed, could cause the flight crew to have difficulty controlling the airplane, and lead to excessive nose-down attitude, significant altitude loss, and possible impact with terrain,” a senior DGCA official had said then.


    To be sure, the cause of Ethiopian B737 Max’s crash will be known after a probe.

    显然,埃塞俄比亚B737 Max飞机坠毁的原因将在调查后揭晓。


    译文来源:三泰虎 //www.sxva.net/47190.html


    Shantanu - Delhi - 22 hours ago -Follow

    As usual, Indian regulators are playing with the lives of flyers. While multiple countries have immediately grounded the jet pending safety reviews after two big disasters, what is DGCA waiting for?



    Krantikari - 23 hours ago -Follow

    Bhullar sir please ground all 737 max if you gona ask Boeing they won't accept that they have a bad product.

    请停飞所有波音 737 max。去问波音的话,他们不会承认自己的产品有问题的。


    Akhil Venugopal - Dubai, United Arab Emira - 23 hours ago -Follow

    Hatta off to the pilots and crew who almost spend the whole life in the risky skies



    baba pyara - 23 hours ago -Follow

    Now onwards will never ride on Spice and jet who are operating through boing max 737.

    现在以后再也不用坐百捷和捷特的航班了,它们都运营波音737 max


    Rajesh - 22 hours ago -Follow

    Everyone should tweet to DGCA to ground all MAX and NEO

    每个人都应该给印度民航总局发推文,叫它停飞所有波音737 Max和空客NEO320。


    Indian - Bengaluru South - 22 hours ago -Follow

    Planes should be grounded immediately. No guidelines work if the machines are proven defective. Two planes crashed in 6 months what else DGCA is looking for. Today only DGCA should ground these planes.



    MAHASHIVA RAMAN - 23 hours ago -Follow

    after every accidents the top brass of dgca sit and take good free time and issue new notification and no body bothers



    Jain Abhay - 22 hours ago -Follow

    Boeing 737 stopped immediately like China..don''t wait report from DCGI



    Sai Chaitanya - 23 hours ago -Follow

    DGCA is busy napping and now only guidelines while other countries are grounding the, typical sarkaari babus



    With No Malice - India - 23 hours ago -Follow

    They should be grounded, like done by China and Indonesia.



    Spaceman - Earth - 19 hours ago -Follow




    Satish Shah - 20 hours ago -Follow

    DGCA always talks of high safety of passenger but other countries do not talk but act they have immediately grounded Aircraft from past reports



    Shiv - 20 hours ago -Follow

    DGCA has consistently ignored safety issues,be it engines or other aspects.



    Monica - New Delhi - 21 hours ago -Follow

    The airlines should inform all the booked passengers that it flies B-737 Max 8. It has been discerned that the problem is caused by Boeing, and not by the pilot errors. Thus, safety of its passengers is at risk. However, it will continue to fly those passengers willing to risk their lives for the Boeing. In case the plane crashes, its passengers will be compensated as per Warsaw convention agreement.

    航空公司应该通知所订票乘客,他们乘坐的是否是波音-737 Max 8。据了解,问题是由波音公司造成的,而不是飞行员的失误。因此,乘客的安全面临风险。


    Salil - 21 hours ago -Follow

    why not ground till fresh safety measures are out. who will be responsible in event of any accident despite knowing they are having some problems.



    Pushpinder - 22 hours ago -Follow

    Bik gya DGCA. Pressure from the airlines. What will our pajama pilots do if the onboard computer puts the nose down, increases speed and starts hurtling the plane down within minutes of takeoff? There is no time to follow any procedure whatsoever.

    I’m not flying any Max 737 anytime soon

    如果飞机上的系统让飞机提高速度,并在起飞几分钟内开始俯冲,我们的飞行员会怎么做?根本没有时间遵循程序。我近期都不会坐波音 737 MAX


    aaaa bbbb - 10 hours ago -Follow

    India authorities just buying time for people to forget this event. They said similar things when indigo planes were stalling mid air due to defective engines, did nothing. A disaster is waiting to happen in indian airspace



    Saurabh - 19 hours ago -Follow

    When China, Ethiopia and Indonesia had grounded Boeing 737 max as a safeguard, then why India is not doing the same? is it necessary to suffer an accident first before taking any effective step?

    为了安全,中国、埃塞俄比亚和印度尼西亚停飞波音737 max。为什么印度不采取同样的措施?有必要等发生事故后再行动吗?


    Spaceman - Earth - 19 hours ago -Follow


    你们为什么要以乘客的生命为代价来?;げㄒ艄??这是可耻的。禁飞波音737 Max。


    Shyam Kant - 20 hours ago -Follow

    Whipe china m phillipine have grounded, our fckijg dgca is still considering ??? Wtf order grounding asap.



    Ravi K Garg - Bangalore - 21 hours ago -Follow

    Well, if dgca doesn''t do it, spice should ground its fleet voluntarily! Or is the loss from non operation higher than the insurance payout?




    NANDU MENON - 22 hours ago -Follow

    DGCA , with out delay, should take sterner action against flying Boeing 737 max and Airbus Neo 320. Both these planes have unidentifiable problems which can cause crashes in a jiffy,taking valuable human life. Airbus Neo planes have many engine failures in India recently! We have been very lucky so far but.....

    印度民航总局应立即停飞波音737 max和空客320。这两款飞机都有无法识别的问题,可能会在瞬间造成坠机,夺去宝贵的生命。最近,空客320飞机在印度出现引擎故障。到目前为止,我们非常幸运,但是……


    Vijay Banga - new delhi - 23 hours ago -Follow

    Safety measures concern design changes not anything DGCA can do



    Vedhanta - oman - 20 hours ago -Follow

    What if the Boing was produced by an Indian company



    Vijaykumar Menon - Hyderabad - 22 hours ago

    Why not ask Boeing to address this problem before it leaves the factory.



    Rohit Garg - Noida - 22 hours ago

    No one should fly max 8 planes. China has already ordered grounding all these planes. Surprising that DGCA is taking so long on deciding on these. Boeing and operating airlines will always be greedy , they will never accept that these planes are faulty.

    不能再飞波音Max 8。中国已经下令停飞所有这些飞机。令人惊讶的是,印度民航总局花了这么长时间做决定。波音和运营波音飞机的航空公司是贪婪的,他们永远不会承认这些飞机有问题。

    三泰虎原创译文,禁止转载?。?a href="//www.sxva.net/">首页 > 印度 » 印度民航总局将发布关于波音737 Max的新安全措施,印网友呼吁停飞


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